Fun Activities to do with your Bonus baby!

We are always looking for things to do so I will add to this list frequently!

  • Local Parks: Go beyond just your neighborhood! There are plenty of parks w/ food trucks and all types of snacks/treats.
  • Kiwico: Great website for STEM projects for all ages!
  • Science Experiments: Check out
  • Library/Book Store: Pick out some stories to read together. If your bonus baby is learning to read let them get some practice in!
  • Ice cream Date
  • Cook together: Pizza is always a good choice and they have kits at Walmart & Aldi. Just pick up some toppings and pop it in the oven!
  • Build a fort and camp out in the living room.
  • Ride bikes around your neighborhood or local park
  • Paint: Get some cheap canvas from your local craft store and make some cute paintings for their room. Micheal’s always has a sale on canvas.
  • Skating
  • Coloring Roll: 10ft of coloring! Check out Amazon
  • Movie Night: Introduce them to some of your childhood favorites and watch some of their current faves.
  • Trampoline park: Always fun it will have your kids sleeping like a baby. (Usually free for 2 and under)
  • Zoo/Aquariums
  • Sports: Let them try everything and see what they are interested in!
  • Learn How to play their favorite video game or latest dance [Currently Kidz Bop is our favorite]

The Gathering Place (Tulsa, OK)

If you feel like taking a mini road trip The Gathering Place in Tulsa, OK. is definitely a great place to go. This is a free public park with acres of playground space. We took our son over his break from school and we had a blast. I would definitely suggest going when they first open which is around 9am so you can explore before the crowds come. We stayed until a little after 1pm (lunch break) and went to the hotel to rest for a bit. After we recharged we went back until about 7:30ish and enjoyed the park until sunset.

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